SHIMANO PVC Waders bridkelnės (44 dydis)

14-21 diena SHIMANO PVC Waders bridkelnės (44 dydis)


Constructed from high quality PVC, these waders from Shimano offer all the rugged dependability you have grown to expect from a Shimano branded product. 100% waterproof, these waders have been manufactured with extra wide welded seams. This is to ensure that these waders don't suffer from the usual premature wear and tear at their stress points in the way that some other waders can. However, should you experience any leaks through the waders, these PVC Chest Waders come supplied with Shimano's specialised repair kit, which is compact enough to be kept in your tackle bag with ease should you ever need to make an emergency repair on the bankside.

The boots for these waders are constructed from the same material as the waders themselves. Fitted with a cleated sole, these boots are exceptionally sturdy. This allows you to step with confidence in to unknown waters and makes stepping on slippery surfaces simple.

The braces of these waders are constructed with webbing and are fully adjustable. This means that whether you're a small or tall angler you will be able to get the perfect fit and the waders won't bag. With quick release plastic buckles you are able to get in and out of the waders quickly and with ease - perfect if you're sat on the bank with your waders around your waist when your indicator shows you have a catch.

These waders are chest high, so you can get right into the water without getting wet when it really matters. This also means that they will keep your torso warm, even in cold angling conditions, and will prevent wind from chilling your lower back. Sizing shown is shoe size and if you fall between sizes it is recommended that you purchase the larger size and wear your waders with thick socks.

  • Highly waterproof and wear resistant
  • Adjustable webbing braces with quick release plastic buckles
  • Extra wide welded seams
  • PVC boot with cleated sole
  • Includes Shimano repair kit
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