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FOX Camo Brolly skėtis (152 cm / 60 in)

Based on our original Fox 60ins Brolly but styled in our unique Camo printPerfect for short day sessions or for extra cover when entertaining visitors in your swimA simple 60in brolly which features a removable central poleThe pole can be positioned Nu-brolly style and used with or without storm pol..

109.99 € Be PVM: 90.90 €

FOX Khaki Brolly skėtis (114 cm / 45 in)

A simple 45in brolly that can be angled for directional cover2000mm hydrostatic head Khaki coloured polyester fabricPerfect for short day sessions or for extra cover when entertaining visitors..

74.99 € Be PVM: 61.98 €

FOX Specialist Brolly skėtis (114 cm / 45 in)

This new Specialist Brolly features the same revolutionary STS Mechanism as Fox’s top-selling Supa Brolly range, which is designed to create a much sturdier brolly whilst giving increased head room inside. It is based on a 45ins profile with short storm sides and weighs less than 3kg! Supplied with ..

149.99 € 134.99 € Be PVM: 111.56 €

MATRIX Bait Brolly Inc. Support Arm skėtis

High quality waterproof backed fabricHeight adjustable with tilt angle functionCovers your side tray to keep bait dry or out of sunlightSupplied with XL 3D brolly support arm (fits 25mm, 30mm or 36mm)Comes in compact waterproof storage bag..

64.99 € 58.49 € Be PVM: 48.34 €

MATRIX Over The Top Brolly skėtis (115 cm / 45 in)

• 115cm (45”) diameter• Extra-long pole for increased clearance• Ideal for pole fishing because of 360º clear shipping space• Super lightweight construction• Ultra-durable outer fabric• 100% Polyester..

104.99 € 94.49 € Be PVM: 78.09 €

MATRIX Space Brolly skėtis (125 cm / 50 in)

Features the unique Self-Tensioning System (STS)New gusseted bell cap with a small moulded loop for attaching a guide rope50ins (125cm) frameMuch more headroom than conventional brolliesFibreglass arms are much stronger, lighter and more stable than traditional metal armsSimple push/pull ‘none-fail’..

124.99 € 112.49 € Be PVM: 92.97 €