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FOX Camo Brolly skėtis (152 cm / 60 in)

Product OverviewBased on our original Fox 60 ins Brolly but styled in our unique Camo print Perfect for short day sessions or for extra cover when entertaining visitors in your swim A simple 60 in brolly which features a removable central pole The pole can be positioned Nu-brolly style and used wi..

109.99 € 98.99 € Be PVM: 81.81 €

KORUM Super Steel Brolly skėtis (114 cm / 45 in)

Product Overview Built on a strong and durable steel wire frame, this traditional style brolly can be used in the normal position, or by refitting the central pole to the angled rear position, a super stable tilted setup is achieved. Ground pegs are included to increase stability if necessary. It's ..

99.99 € Be PVM: 82.64 €

MATRIX Bait Brolly Inc. Support Arm skėtis

Product OverviewHigh quality waterproof backed fabric Height adjustable with tilt angle function Covers your side tray to keep bait dry or out of sunlight Supplied with XL 3D brolly support arm (fits 25 mm, 30 mm or 36 mm) Comes in compact waterproof storage bag ..

69.99 € 62.99 € Be PVM: 52.06 €

MATRIX Over The Top Brolly skėtis (115 cm / 45 in)

Product Overview • 115 cm (45") diameter • Extra-long pole for increased clearance • Ideal for pole fishing because of 360º clear shipping space • Super lightweight construction • Ultra-durable outer fabric • 100% Polyester..

104.99 € 94.49 € Be PVM: 78.09 €