RIDGE MONKEY MarkaFloat Kit rinkinys markeriui (3 oz / 85 g)

RIDGE MONKEY MarkaFloat Kit rinkinys markeriui (3 oz / 85 g)


Product Overview

This kit contains all the components required to create the ultimate short to medium range marker float set up. Featuring a Small Marka Float, four interchangeable flights, braided lead link, and a 3oz Marka Lead.

This kit consists of our super-buoyant Small Marka Float with interchangeable flights to provide optimum visibility in all light conditions. It also includes a Nite Glo flight which, when charged with a torch light, will allow you to bait up accurately in the dark.

The kit also features a braided lead link with slick ring to provide friction-free line movement when popping the float up. It also contains a unique shaped 3oz Marka Lead to help provide a positive 'donk' when landing on gravel or a hard bottom.

Product Features

  • Available in Small or Large
  • Supplied with four interchangeable flights: orange, yellow, black & Nite Glo
  • Supplied with MarkaLead, Braided Lead Link and Bead.
  • Balsa body provides superior buoyancy
  • Flights to the base improve stability in flight
  • 3oz (Small Kit) or 4oz (Large Kit) unique shaped MarkaLead offers superior feeling of that 'donk' on gravel, while dragging more in soft silt


  • Float length: 14 cm, weight: 9 g
  • Lead weight: 85 g / 3 oz

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