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FOX Black Label Mini Swinger kibimo indikatorius (baltas)

-10% FOX Black Label Mini Swinger kibimo indikatorius (baltas)


  • Based on the design of the iconic Fox Swinger MK3 but with a shorter arm (45mm less) and reduced head size (40% smaller)
  • Also features a Black Label hockey stick thread attachment instead of traditional Swinger Plate allowing for less bulk and quick interchange with different Black Label indicators
  • 16 gram sliding weight on arm
  • Matt black anodised coating on arm and weight
  • Fixed line gate system
  • Rubber shock absorbers on bottom of the head
  • Opaque finish on head
  • Head features isotope slot (for use with the Black Label Micro Isotope)
  • Great all-round indicator for fishing with slack, semi-slack and tight lines
  • Especially good for eliminating false indications in windy conditions
  • Available in 7 colours: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black, Purple and White
  • Protection/presentation case available separately
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