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FOX Explorer Carp Rod karpinė meškerė (3 dalių, 3.00 m / 10 ft, 3.25 lb)

-10% Išankstinis užsakymas FOX Explorer Carp Rod karpinė meškerė (3 dalių, 3.00 m / 10 ft, 3.25 lb)


  • Built on the Horizon X3 blank but with a unique retractable butt feature that allows them to be fished at two different lengths
  • The retracted butt section can be locked into two different positions meaning that all models can be fished at either 8ft or 10ft allowing you to effortless change the length of your rod to suit the angling situation that faces you – the 4.25lb model makes the perfect spod rod when fished at 10ft (we don’t advocate spodding with it at 8ft) this model also is ideal when a stiff rod is required or when targeting bigger species such as catfish and sturgeon
  • High modulus, lightweight carbon construction
  • Lightweight double legged guides with anti-tangle tip ring
  • 40mm butt
  • 18mm DPS-style reel seat
  • Full Japanese shrink wrap handle
  • Compact storage thanks to retracting butt section
  • Black whippings and guides along with understated graphics
  • Three models available: 8-10ft 3lb, 8-10ft 3.25lb, 8-10ft 4.25lb
Meškerės, ritės / Meškerės
Meškerės ilgis 3.00 m / 10 ft
Meškerės testas 3.25 lb
Meškerės dalys 3 dalių

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  • Be PVM: 96.69 €

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