FOX Kling On Swivel Lead svarelis (92 g / 3.25 oz)

-10% FOX Kling On Swivel Lead svarelis (92 g / 3.25 oz)


Fox Kling-Ons have been CAD designed for optimum performance. Both sides of the lead are textured and feature pronounced studs which grip just about any type of bottom. This makes the design ideal for river fishing, holding position on sloping bars and island margins or for positioning rigs at range by boat. The flattened profile prevents rolling and stabilises the lead while the compact centre of gravity enhances the bolt effect of the rig. Each lead is formed with precision injection moulding to provide a unique profile ‘crispness’ and shape consistency throughout the range. Fitted with an extremely strong and perfectly formed stainless steel loop joined to a unique swivel with an enlarged top eye specifically designed to ensure they work perfectly with safety lead clips. If required the swivel can be removed and the lead attached to the clip via the steel loop without requiring modification. Available in quarter ounce increments to suit every possible scenario, the Kling-On Swivel Lead is finished in a matt, non-reflective ‘clay brown’ with gravel speckles ensuring it will blend in discreetly with just about bottom.

Jaukai, masalai / Svareliai, šeryklėlės
Svarelio tipasSvarelis
Svarelio svoris~92 g / 3.25 oz
Svarelio montavimasSwivel

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