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CYGNET 20/20 Stage Stand kuoliuko tvirtinimas (16 mm)

Indispensable when fishing from platforms, stagings and swims fronted with sleepers. Simply screw the Phillips screw (supplied) through the hole in the base into solid wood. The stand will self-level on tightening. Features a stainless steel/aluminium hybrid thumbscrew. Initially designed to work wi..

19.99 € 15.99 € Be PVM: 13.22 €

CYGNET Stick Driver kuoliukų įsukimo įrankis

The Cygnet Stick Driver enables you to drive any 12 mm (Minimal Range) or 16 mm (20/20 Range and our Stormpoles) into hard ground, totally level. Simply locate the Stick Driver into the bankstick outer, making sure you’re using the appropriate 12 mm or 16 mm insert. Then, holding the wide grip handl..

17.99 € 14.39 € Be PVM: 11.89 €

CYGNET 20/20 Specialist Tripod stovas

Our hugely popular Specialist Tripod is now available in a 20/20 version. The central boss has been increased in diameter and is CNC-machined from aluminium. This lightweight, compact support solution is essential when banksticks are impossible to get into the ground. An immensely useful tool for fi..

33.99 € 30.59 € Be PVM: 25.28 €