CC MOORE Live System Air Ball Pop Up Boilies plaukiantys masaliniai boiliai (15 mm, 50 vnt.)

-5% CC MOORE Live System Air Ball Pop Up Boilies plaukiantys masaliniai boiliai (15 mm, 50 vnt.)

CC MOORE 90007

These are very buoyant, durable, air ball pop ups made with Live System Base Mix to ensure they colour and aroma-match our Live System boilies and other products in our successful Live System Range. They have a tough, nuisance fish-proof skin but are pliable enough to be trimmed to achieve the desired buoyancy for optimum rig performance.

Product Description

These air ball pop-ups are colour-matched to our Live System Boilies, are very buoyant and durable enough to withstand the unwanted attraction of nuisance fish.

Live System Air Ball Pop Up Properties:

  • Extremely buoyant and durable
  • Powerful, yeasty and sweet, creamy taste
  • Powerful sweet almond taste & vanilla cream aroma
  • Soluble attractors promote maximum leakage
  • Easy to trim to create the desired buoyancy
  • Colour-matched to Live System Boilies
  • Contains the same base mix & liquids as Live System Boilies


10 mm Pop Ups = 80 baits per pot

15 mm Pop Ups = 50 baits per pot

18 mm Pop Ups = 35 baits per pot

24 mm Pop Ups = 15 baits per pot

Usage Tips:

These pop-ups are ultra-buoyant and can be trimmed into different shapes to give anglers a real edge. Try shapes other than round for a change and dip them in Live System Bait Booster or Amino Blend 365 for another edge.

Customer Guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.

Soaking and coating these pop ups in liquids will reduce their buoyancy.


This product is for use as a lure only and must not be fed to fish.

Jaukai, masalai / Boiliai
Boilių tipasMasaliniai
Boilių dydis15 mm
Boilių plūdurumasPlaukiantys
Boilių kiekis< 1 kg

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Prekės kodas:
Likutis sandėlyje:
3-6 dienos
  • 8.99 €
  • 8.54 €
  • Be PVM: 7.06 €

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