AVID Benchmark Thermatech Heated Mattress šildomas čiužinys (XL dydis)

-40% AVID Benchmark Thermatech Heated Mattress šildomas čiužinys (XL dydis)

AVID A0440022

Product Overview

The Benchmark range of products are synonymous with exceptional comfort and quality.

Latest technologies have enabled us to incorporate heated elements into an additional mattress, doubling comfort in the winter months or even when you may be caught short by cooler conditions.

With 3 heated elements spread along the length of each mattress, this enhances the heating properties of our already luxuriously warm sleep systems, with the added benefit of being able to pre warm the sleep system or heat it further in extreme conditions.

Being comfortable regardless of the conditions is without doubt the most important factor when bankside being particularly in the cooler months, the Heated mattress by its nature heats from the bottom up, warming the underside of your body keeping you cozy and warm whether that be on a freezing windy February night or a cool April morning and everything in between.

The mattresses can be left in situ on the sleep system, minimizing fuss when packing away and also helping to reduce bulk when in transport, making it super convenient. During the summer months it can be removed quickly and easily, or alternatively reattached via a 2-way zip system and clips.

Product Features

  • 2 sizes for both Standard and X systems.
  • Compatible with all Benchmark sleep systems, both new and existing.
  • 4 levels of heating intensity to suit the coldest of conditions.
  • Compatible with all USB power packs.
  • 3 Heated elements along the mattress's length for maximum comfort.
  • 2 way heavy duty zips and clips used for quick, strong and sturdy attachment.
  • Super lightweight and can be left on systems when packed away.
  • Maximum heating efficiency for long sessions.
  • Fleece pocket for safe Powerpack storage.
  • 30 mm Foam mattress with fleece covering for added comfort.
Apranga, avalynė / Apranga
Aprangos dydis XL dydis

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  • Be PVM: 76.85 €

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