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NASH T3297

Designed to add additional storage to the already high capacity Trax Evo barrow, the Nash Trax Evo Side Loader mounts to the side load support bars, and takes anything from pods to sleeping bags, ensuring you have all your essentials dry, secure, and ready to hand, ideal if you’re moving between swims during the course of a long session.

Simple and stylish, this little pouch is bigger than it looks, and durable enough to withstand the rigors of a night spent on the chase.

If you regularly do overnights moving between swims, or barrow down to a local favourite spot, and have the Nash Trax Evo barrow, then the added storage option of the side loader is definitely something you need; the last thing you want is to spend half the night unpacking and repacking your barrow.

While the Nash Trax Back Loader (also available, sold separately) is the ultimate in convenient, grab-and-go additional on-barrow storage, the Nash Trax Evo Side Loader is great for those things you won’t need right away, but want to be able to get to quickly when you do need them: your sleeping bag, dinner, the camera you’ll need to capture the proof that the fish really was that big. (Cameras are probably an underrated part of the angler’s kit: pics or it didn’t happen, as they say…)

With their range of additional on-barrow storage, Nash have proved, yet again, that their commitment is to making everything other than actually getting your new personal best out of the water as effortlessly uncomplicated as possible. One of the hassles of fishing multiple swims is getting your gear into and out of the barrow each time: with storage pouches like the Trax Evo Side Loader, you can keep the items you’ll need regularly separate from the main bulk of your barrow, and ready to hand – a must if the weather’s kicking off, and you don’t want to risk the rest of your kit getting soaked.

Dimensions of the Nash Evo Trax Side Loader: 30cm (h),x  88cm (w), x 15cm (d).

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