FOX 6 Compartment Box žvejybos reikmenų dėžutė (6 skyrių)

-10% 10-14 dienų FOX 6 Compartment Box žvejybos reikmenų dėžutė (6 skyrių)

The original Fox Box System has become the first choice of tackle storage for a huge number of anglers. This classic modular format has been redesigned and restyled as the F-box with genuine improvements including waterproof rubber seals, non mix compartments, super strong hinges, reliable slide closure and practical ergonomic styling to make tiny tackle items easily accessible.This integral box comprises 6 equal sized compartments and is designed to be compatible with large and medium F-Boxes. Perfect for storing all kinds of rig components such as hooks, swivels and beads. The box features a waterproof seal, long life hinges and a secure locking slide catch.

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  • Peržiūrų: 212
  • Gamintojas: FOX
  • Prekės kodas: FOX CBX028
  • Pristatymas: 10-14 dienų
  • 13.49 €
  • 12.14 €
  • Be PVM: 10.03 €
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