FOX 2 Compartment Box žvejybos reikmenų dėžutė (2 skyrių)

-10% 10-14 dienų FOX 2 Compartment Box žvejybos reikmenų dėžutė (2 skyrių)

The original Fox Box System has become the first choice of tackle storage for a huge number of anglers. This classic modular format has been redesigned and restyled as the F-box with genuine improvements including waterproof rubber seals, non mix compartments, super strong hinges, reliable slide closure and practical ergonomic styling to make tiny tackle items easily accessible.This 2 compartment integral box features two equal singular sections and is designed to fit into large or medium F-boxes. Ideal for storing baiting accessories such as cork sticks, bait drills, needles and hairstops.The box features a waterproof seal, long life hinges and a secure locking slide catch.

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  • Peržiūrų: 235
  • Gamintojas: FOX
  • Prekės kodas: FOX CBX015
  • Pristatymas: 10-14 dienų
  • 13.49 €
  • 12.14 €
  • Be PVM: 10.03 €
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