FOX Black Label Mini Swinger Arm kibimo indikatoriaus pakaba

-10% 10-14 dienų FOX Black Label Mini Swinger Arm kibimo indikatoriaus pakaba

Based on the traditional Swinger, which was invented by Fox over 25 years ago, this aluminium Mini Swinger Arm has a real modern look and feel. Featuring pivots at both ends it is an incredibly sensitive style of indicator that is a true all-rounder. However, it really comes into its own when you are trying to fish with semi-slack lines in strong winds as its solid arm helps to prevent false indication meaning that when your alarm bleeps it’s because of fish activity!CIS – Customised Indication SystemThere are a number of products available under our Black Label CIS banner all of which have been designed to allow you to create the ultimate bite indicator that suits the angling situation you are faced with on any given session. You can simply buy a standard Bobbin or Slik Bobbin and then customise them or alternatively if you prefer you can build your own indicator from scratch from the CIS board.

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  • Peržiūrų: 174
  • Gamintojas: FOX
  • Prekės kodas: FOX CBI066
  • Pristatymas: 10-14 dienų
  • 9.99 €
  • 8.99 €
  • Be PVM: 7.43 €
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