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DELKIM Txi-D Digital Bite Alarm kibimo signalizatorius (purpurinis)

14-21 diena DELKIM Txi-D Digital Bite Alarm kibimo signalizatorius (purpurinis)


With 10 years of development and over 40 years of bite alarm experience this is the most technologically advanced bite alarm we have ever produced. Packed with features we have not lost sight of the fact that bite indication is key. Alongside Delkim’s unique tried and tested vibration sensing technology; digital signal processing, beep speed control, digital radio, advanced robotic weather proofing and smaller precision mouldings are just some of the improvements that have gone into this alarm.

Simple to use straight out the box, it has many new features that allow you set your personal preferences should you wish and get the most out of your fishing. Available in all six Delkim signature LED colours, it is also compatible with all Delkim Visual Indication systems, as well as the Safe-D v.2 and D-Lok v.2.


Tried and Tested Vibration Sensing
Our unique system uses piezo technology, giving proportional indication of line speed/vibration with no moving parts whatsoever

Digital Signal Processing
Years of development went into improving the performance of the alarm to give better bite indication and control than ever before.  The Txi-D converts the signal level to a number which is used to digitally construct the beeps. In addition predictive software algorithms scale the beeps to make them slower or faster using the new beep speed control.  The tone of each beep is digitally replicated at the alarm and at the receiver, producing pure digital tones that are never distorted.

Beep Speed Control
This unique feature allows the Beep Speed to be set to personal preference, totally independently from the Response Level.

Digital Radio
Advanced digital radio technology has now been incorporated into our products giving us the best range, penetration and performance we have ever had.

Advanced Security System
Having been the first bite alarm to have an anti theft system, we have added to this with our patented IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) movement detection system. This gives an additional layer of security in vulnerable situations – where attempted movement of the Txi-D will transmit an alert to the Rx-D.

Variable LED Brightness
The LED brightness can now be adjusted up or down with 8 different levels, allowing the user complete control to set the LEDs to their own preferred brightness.

Stealth Mode
This is a Special Night setting for Delkim illuminated visual indicator users or used as a Stealth Mode. When set the alarms internal LEDs no longer flash and latch but night marking is on. The LED in the Delkim illuminated visual indicator lights up as normal with activation, giving a stunning visual effect.

Instant Day/Night setting
The user now has the ability to preset his chosen LED brightness for day time and night time.  This can then be switched between by the press of a button.

Low Battery Warnings
The alarm has both and low and battery fail warning. The battery level is checked continuously during use to make sure there is not drop in performance.  

Mute Function
Allows the alarm speaker to be muted for up to 5 mins to help with setting up after you have cast out. 

Quick Start
Basic settings that allow immediate use.

Advanced Weather Protection
We have invested in state of the art robotic machinery to coat our circuits. This gives us the best possible weather proofing, meaning the user can have even greater confidence. 

64 Digital Tone Settings
With push button control, the required tone can now be selected from 64 separate tones, whilst still incorporating the signature Delkim warble. 

Auto Power Down
This feature is designed to protect your battery, should the unit be left on or switched on accidentally.  If left on it will power down after approximately 48 hours of non-activity. If the buttons are pressed accidentally in your bag it will also turn off after around 20 seconds. 

Memorised User Preferences
All settings are memorised, so once you get it exactly how you want, there is no need to change it.

Smaller Design & Precision Mouldings
We have invested in high quality, precision mouldings to improve the fit and appearance. Whilst reducing the size of the alarm, we have retained the Delkim look.

Twin Clear High Visibility LEDs
Available in 6 colours Purple, Red, White, Blue, Green, and Yellow.  

NiteLite output socket (2.5 mm)
For the connection of our illuminated visual indicators.

High Volume
Adjusting from zero to 100 db

Extremely long battery life
Unrivalled battery life, when using recommended high quality 9V PP3 (eg, Duracell MN 1604)

Moulded Hard Case
This provides maximum protection when the alarm is not in use.

Optional 3 Year Guarantee
All alarms come with a standard 2 year guarantee, 3 years with optional registration. Buy with confidence knowing you are covered by Delkim’s industry recognised after sales care.



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14-21 diena
  • 159.00 €
  • Be PVM: 131.41 €

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